Benefits of making a WordPress website for Startup business.

By admin | August 2nd, 2019 | General

When starting with your own business, entrepreneurs generally have huge ideas and are short on cash. A website is generally a place, where they can explain their ideas and help their customers to keep them informed of the growth.

It is an important place to reach out to job seekers, investors, suppliers and potential customers in the early stages and for building up a buzz until launch day. With so many Content Management Systems available, choosing the right one for your website can be difficult. Here comes the idea of WordPress.

Let’s see a few reasons why WordPress seems like a good concept for startups and entrepreneurs.

  • Easy to install and free – This is the first thing someone would want to look at. There are people who do not have technical skills and they do not want to rely on expensive developers to do that. All one needs to do is buy a domain, host it under a plan, and then do an automatic install of WordPress from the cPanel. Hence, WordPress is reliable and that’s supported by thousands of professionals, testers and developers. The term ‘free’ sounds like music to someone’s ears who is short of cash. Startups will want to acquire anything that’s free of cost which might help them in saving, and WordPress is free as its an open source.
  • WordPress has no lock in – In the beginning, we are always confused and dubious about the technologies and which software is required for their website. We are generally cautious before spending on any software we are not sure about. Besides, they’ll be tied to the software service provider for ongoing updates and maintenance. However, that’s not the case with WordPress — your data is your own on a self-hosted WordPress install. So, you can choose to shift from WordPress to any other platform with all your data unharmed.
  • WordPress can handle any business – WordPress is not just for blogs. It can be used for Corporate or Business website, Online shops, Portfolio websites, etc.
  • WordPress is a pro in e-commerce, and it is mobile friendly.
  • WordPress is SEO ready – It is very SEO friendly. The crowd is hugely dominated by content and search engine optimization is an important tool there. WordPress helps startups to key in meta-data, keywords and other such information while also safeguarding the blog posts and articles which are search engine optimized.
  • Customer support is always available – WordPress is an open source, but still it has a network of hundreds of thousands of developers on its forums and groups, many of whom provide free advice and support. Now a days people will look in for free support wherever available. This will also be cost effective for the startups rather than building an entire website from the scratch.

With the flexibility, value, and efficiency that it possesses for startup companies that no one else renders, we can conclude that WordPress benefits Startups greatly.

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